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Around the house: a photo essay

Our photographer shares unique perspectives from home

We now live in a strange world that no one is accustomed to. My dad told me years ago that if you were alive in the late 1950s, you were scared when the Russians launched Sputnik. People feared that the United States was going to be invaded... Fast forward to September 12, 2001. Many of us recall walking out of our homes and listening to the eerie silence of a sky without planes. Now we sit amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are quarantined at home. Some are designated as “essential businesses” and therefore able to work. Take a look around you. There are so many sights that each of us take for granted every day. The visuals within our own surroundings are endless. Below are a few of mine. They are a variety of images, all taken from my home, that I've seen "around the house" and captured over many years and different seasons. Please take a moment to enjoy them — as well as your own surroundings — during this unusual quarantine. Steven D. Desmond April 2020

Venus at sunset

© 2020 all photos by Steven D. Desmond


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